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Will my private insurance cover my visit?

Many private insurance companies offer substantial coverage for both eye exams and eyewear. 

Because coverage varies significantly, please contact your insurance company to determine the amount of coverage you may have towards eye exams and associated vision care services. 

How much time does an eye exam take?

A full eye exam typically takes roughly 30 minutes.  Eyewear fitting, purchasing and dispensing require additional time after the exam.

Can I get a same-day appointment?

There is no guarantee, as those who book an appointment in advance will be prioritized.  But, there is often same-day availability, so do not hesitate to inquire about a same-day appointment by calling today!

How often should I be getting an eye exam?

- For those under 20 years of age: once a year
- For those 65 years of age and older: once a year
- For those between 20 and 64 years of age: typically once every 2 years, but there are patients for which once every year is indicated in this age range.

Why should a healthy person routinely get his or her eyes examined?

Countless eye conditions exist, and your eyes could be affected by one or more of these.  These conditions are often subtle and not always symptomatic, yet can cause long term issues if not addressed in time.  Many systemic conditions also show classic, identifiable signs in the eyes.  Typically, the earlier a given diagnosis is made, the earlier treatment can be started, and the better the outcome from that treatment will be.  Routine eye exams are a very important aspect of your health care!

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